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First, it’s always good policy to tell the truth especially in email marketing. Building a business is not easy and nothing is certain in your online business. However, when you work hard to build your list it make good sense to treat it with kid gloves, and it can be like printing money on demand.

Today, it’s tough to imagine life before email.  Having said that I will share with you how I do email marketing and how I teach it to my clients. I challenge you to identify a marketing channel that is more cost-effective than email.

Follow-Up Emails vs. Broadcast Emails

Follow-Up emails are just pre-written emails. You load them into your Email Auto-Responder account and when you get a new lead, or in other words, when someone goes to your site and leaves their name and email address.

Then you begin receiving an automated email follow-up sequence that you have in place. (you can set the sequence every day,  every three days, 5 days etc)

Broadcast Email Messages are slightly different. A Broadcast Email Message is actually a live message that you send out to everyone on your list, or a segment of your list. We’ll talk about Segments in another blog post.

However, as with any marketing tool, the effectiveness of email depends to a large degree upon how it’s employed.

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Don’t fall into trap of sending promotions out right away to new subscribers, because you see everyone doing that does mean its effective. (they call it churn and burn)

When you first get your subscribers after they have opt-in to your squeeze page you want to send them an email making sure that got your Free Gift and thank them for joining the list.

A few days after that send a “credibility email”   You ask them have they read your report or watched the video that you signed-up to receive? More than likely you will get a few responses.

Take the responses and send out a broadcast email to the list. I don’t care how small the list is. Do you see what I’m doing here? When you send out your email you must have something to say that make sense to them.

If you don’t get any responses when you send out your credibility email then send another one in a few days and ask the following question.

What is you biggest challenge in your business right now?

I guarantee if you keep this up you will get a few responses. Just rinse and repeat a few times. They will tell you and that should be the product you create.

They will buy from you! How to make money from email marketing? This works.

I don’t care how you deliver the product, PDF report, video etc.

In this blog post, I have reviewed the best practices for using email marketing, the most effective ways to systematically use email, and for using it responsibly.

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Well it appears that way sometimes but this might clear things up for you. Making money online is about taking action I’m sure you heard that many times from marketers.

We’ve all had our capitalist moments when a great idea popped into our head that, if executed, could make your life easier. Wrong,  it has to make their life easier.

In spite of this, most people want the “taking action” part to be as effortless as possible. Guess what? An idea isn’t going to do you any good sitting in your head.  Actually, as long as the idea is just in your head it’s going to benefit someone else. How you might ask?

While surfing the internet have you ever run across a business owner who launched a product and you said the following?  Thought of that a month ago.  I have.

All you can do in this business is act on the ideas that you have. Trust me, thats what I’m doing.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I don’t worry about the small stuff.

Vision is not enough.  If you are resting on your back then you have the ability to look up. If you can look up you can get up. Things come to those who hustle.

How do you turn things around? Most marketers can be generally divided into two groups called perfection-marketers and performance marketers.

The marketers in the perfection-marketers group have a natural intellectual curiosity. They want to learn everything before they take action. They are constantly searching for better ways of doing things, new methods, and new tools. (buying shiny objects) easy cash webinar

They take pleasure in the search itself, knowing perfectly well that learning must stop at some point but they have an addiction. (a dopamine fix) so, marketers give them what they want.

They are asking for easy fast money. So, they create push button riches. And they sell. Do people want to put in the least amount of work possible? Yes.

But we know there ain’t any easy fast money.  If there were I would have found it by now, don’t you think?

The people in the category of performance-marketers on the contrary, do not at all strive for perfection. Instead they have a need to achieve performance immediately. Such performance leaves no time for intellectual curiosity. Those people become successful entrepreneurs.

They count on outperforming everyone. And these people don’t have time for intellectual curiosity.  If you watch very careful you will observe that performance-marketers employ people and the others are just going around in circles, but they sound good.

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 In the beginning many business owners say  they can’t write or they hate writing. Well, the smart thing to do is to outsource your Free product especially if it’s an e-book.

But before we go into that I’m going to tell you the right way to create a product from scratch? When you start your online business the first 30 days is critical.

Conversely,  your goal is to build a list and market to the list of subscribers. So, I’m going to walk you through the process as if you were completely new to the Internet.

First, you must buy a domain name. The second thing that you must do is get a sequential autoresponder. Aweber is the one I use. And the third is build a squeeze page.

The balance of the article is going to blow you away. My recommendation is to build a small list before you ever consider product creation. 50+ subscribers would be sufficient.

Send them an e-mail and thank them for joining your list and ask them if you can help them with their challenges in their business. You might get one or two replies and then you are in business.  Here is the secret. Write to the ones who reply and send it to the whole list and you are on your way. easy cash webinar

That would be the first product that you create. And it comes from your subscriber base…but you can always outsource the first product whether it’s Free or Paid.

You might say but I can’t afford outsourcing. Not true, everyone can afford outsourcing, even if you do it one chapter at a time. Would you ever outsource product creation? Yes.

A 100 page eBook could cost you as little as $250-$300.

Create a chapter outline and outsource one chapter at a time until it’s complete. If you have 10 chapters, it should cost you only about $50 to get each chapter written.

You can find a good writer on Digital Point or Warrior Forum or eLance and get your product started right away. Stop making excuses and get your information product online.

Once you know how it’s done, what it takes to get a great idea from thought to completion. Most marketers are savvy enough to promote their product but they don’t have the slightest idea of how to create one.

Thus they turn to affiliate marketing but that is a third option and we can help you with that below.

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Here are a few ways:
– Interview experts, record yourself, outsource the writing entirely, PLR (Private Label Rights) But I would not use either of those in my business. The mistake business owners make when they are starting out is they create something no one wants.  I’m talking about Free or Paid.

If you are going to write an eBook make sure there is a market for it. For example, when you write an eBook, you will lightly touch on each topic in your niche by writing one page per topic in your eBook or if the subject requires 6 pages then write it.

Keep it interesting no matter how big the eBook is that you create, it will still follow the basic outline that you create in the beginning. The only difference between the products that you sell is the depth of information and the depth with which you communicate with your buyers. Is there a way to create an eBook without writing it? NO!

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Start with an outline. Simply put, go to a forum in your niche and see what questions are being asked. Pick out 10 questions and open up “Microsoft Word” or “Open Office” and write them down.

Here’s is another tip, which means you can literally write each page into your word processing document right into the outline you already have. Understand, the internet is about meeting the need of questions being asked.

If the surfer is asking a question about a particularly subject then there must be others who have the same concerns.  So, you are speaking to a group of people based on one person’s question.

By using this method of writing each day, you will find you can write a lot more each day, and your eBook will become completed much faster. Don’t fall into the trap of being overzealous and try to write more than a couple of hours per day.  You’re burn yourself up.

I set aside 9:00 to 11:00 to do my writing and then walk the dog and go to lunch. But write every day.  Also, when I have spare time  will write down sub-topics for the eBook.

The isolated major obstruction I see that people have in writing their eBook is…just

writing. They spend hours trying to decide where to start. This is not college where you need 120 credits to graduate.

Start anywhere, it’s important to take action,  power is in The Ability to Act.

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First, it’s all malarkey. If you have a problem with the answer you’ll not do very well in this business. I want to get that out of the way up front: When someone is trying to sell something, they are going to say or write anything to get you to buy their product or service.

Even if they are selling their expertise.

However, I’m not saying that eliminates me.  It includes me also. In the 21st century some of the more successful marketers are saying they are not like the “gurus” – they’re selling an idea that you buy with your attention.

But that doesn’t make it a lie, and that doesn’t make it dishonest, they want you to try their idea and see if it works for you,  for this reason,  they will say anything to get you to buy it, doesn’t mean it won’t work.  Some malarkey is real.

We all know people who may transform hopeless states of affairs into challenges to be overpowered, simple through the force of their personalities.

Did I enjoy the journey? No. But I’m enjoying the results.

One must discover ways to train awareness so as to be in command of feeling and thoughts. It’s best not to look for shortcuts.

But back to the question at hand.

How do you know what will work?

Okay, you are being told to pick a niche, build a squeeze page, and send traffic to it, right? But it’s not working.  Maybe the person who created the product was excited when it was being produced.  easy cash webinar

What if your level of excitement is not that high? So, you don’t get the same results. The person who created the product may wake up in the middle of night working on this product. But you try it with your morning coffee.

I’m writing this blog post at 3: am in the morning.  I’m pumped. I’m excited.

The product creator in his or her mind is thinking I must do this so they don’t  ask me to refund their money. There is a gap between the training and implementation.

Now your life is not the same as mind. I have just given you a look into my life. If you are reading this blog post you are stuck somewhere in your business. Where?  I don‘t know.

Now, you know something about me.

We all speak with some dialect of bullshit. All of us.  Even me.  I’m selling you an idea, so you have to comprehend appropriately.

Uniformly, you need to figure out what you can learn from this blog post and what value can you extract from all this.

What’s real? You are. What works? You do.

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Marketing is an emotional minefield for business owners; simply put they want someone else to do it for them. So, what do consumers want? They want the right words to make them feel good about buying.

Marketing and sales messages stuff the airwaves, cyberspace, our mailboxes, and most points within our line of sight. Many people feel oversold and suffer from marketing exhaustion. What’s a business owner suppose do? Get the correct balance.

Everything must be balanced.

We all comprehend that skill and temperament is essential when you take on a business. However, we feel that knowledge might work as well if you take action.

I know you have heard that before; take action take action

Okay, I’m going to let you in on a big secret. Most people need a coach to get them to take action on the knowledge  they have, it’s that simple? They are addicted to learning.

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The correct balance is required for progress. If you’re not interested in what you are doing with a marketing task, like writing every day, then you’ll quit later, leading to failure.

Work might often get in the way of the matters you wish to accomplish in life, like starting a business. If you are working 9-5 it’s unlikely that you’ve adequate time to spend working on your business.

Everything will shift when you go into business.  For me, it was a matter of giving up TV.

While you might believe that your business won’t be able to generate as much cash as your 9-5 job would, think again. You’re able to still earn as much depending upon how much time you put in.

Getting back to everything must be balance. Here is a target for you to shoot for when starting out. Equally, most business owners don’t know what the first milestone should be.

If you want a successful blueprint it must be in steps. The first step is  get to $5000 monthly.  You need 77 Opt-ins per day, with a 1% percent conversion rate. You don’t have to go to Yale to figure out the numbers.

You must generate 7000 visitors daily to achieve the numbers above. Your income should be about 60,000+ per year. That would be enough to quit your job. But you need to be organized.

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Running a successful home based business can look so easy when you’re on the outside looking in. A marketer is sitting comfortable in his or her chair in their underwear and working a couple of hours a day.

C’mon nothing could be further for the truth.

There is a difference between having the interest to start a home based business and being able to do the work that is required to be successful.

It’s been my experience that most people who would never consider going into business in the offline world would jump into to an online business without asking themselves a few various questions.

It really doesn’t look like they are working all that hard. But I can assure you that they are thinking very hard about their business.

They seem to be enjoying life immeasurably.

Becoming successful looks like they are talking on the phone a couple of hours and enjoying the conversation. Okay, “piece of cake? No. wrong!

I promise you answers to your thought process. Sorry about that. Sometimes I get side track. So, here they are below:

-The right outlook

-acknowledging and utilizing

-constructing a set of valuable contacts

-find a mentor or coach

We’ll discuss these four pillars in another blog post but I just wanted to give you a taste because it’s Monday morning and I’m not plugged into to the week yet.

All of them are crucial, so let’s do it now.  A Deal?

Having the right, healthy outlook:

A right and healthy outlook is the willingness to work as hard and as long as necessary to reach the goals that has been set.

Those who believe that they can make a profitable endeavor boom without being forced to actually put any time and effort are doom from the start.

Put another way. ‘Flying by the seat of your pants’ isn’t a plan…it’s just plain suicide in the world of internet marketing’

Recognizing and utilizing leverage:

There are hundred of business models out there. If you are a real go-getter, the temptation is to do everything first and that is not possible. You have to make a realistic plan and build one thing at a time. easy cash webinar

One thing does not lead to another. But the speediest way is to add a blog to your site. Word Press blog’s sends you traffic. Don’t ask me why but if you post every day you’ll have visitors wandering in and out of your blog.

Leveraging also includes branding yourself.

Constructing a set of valuable contacts:

Business relations should be one of your top priorities. There is various ways in which to carry out this task. One is to participate in teleseminars or webinars that are related to your business.

You’ll learn that by doing this you’ll come in contact with people who are already successful. Naturally, attending seminars is a better way to begin if money is not a problem.

Find a capable mentor:

Somebody who’s already made all the mistakes can help you to avoid making all of the errors yourself. They have wisdom that comes from experience to point out pitfalls and help to direct you toward better choices.

Mentors teach you what to think and how to think. Also a mentor turns thinking into direct, immediate action.

The additional thing is that you ought to be prepared to work very long hours with a small profit at the end of the day. Be patient. All in All here is a helpful start.

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When you are trying to give a Free offer they must like you right away. Do you ever wonder why you can’t give away your stuff even if it’s Free. For the moment forget about selling. Imagine you are sitting in front of your computer now and you land on a web page.

And for moment you are pondering over a Free offer for exchange for your name and email address. What could be possibly going through you mind. Understand there is to no rich are poor time owners. We all have the same amount of time in a 24 hour day.

So, in essence the offer is not Free because visitors value their time. In fact, my time is more value to me than my money. Okay, tell them what exactly is in the report. If it’s a Free report tell the how many page (8 to 12 page report) or (5 minute video etc) that part is easy.

Of course you must validate VALUE in everything even Free stuff.  But that’s Copy Writing and is beyond the scope of this blog post.  easy cash webinar

So, give them a strong reason to spend their precious time with your give away. Nuff Said.

Once there are on your list them you have to make them like you. How do you do that?


The power to be yourself isn’t measured by how well you offer promotions but as an alternative by how well you are able to express your-self through email marketing. Some marketers start to sell products right away. And then they wonder why they get a lot of unsubscribers.

Many people know their false self better than their true self. The more you are able to express your-self through your emails, the better you’re able to heal the blockages chopping your creative energy and hindering your success.

I’m just utilizing this as an example, naturally. Each human brings a light into the world. Bring out the light in you and let it shine. It is more comfortable for you. People have the comfort of knowing we’re no better than them. We just stumble upon some information that made us successful.

Each individual must take to become a more whole person and thus more successful and wealthy. So shine.

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Has this every happen to you? Your friends or family member needs a favor…again. You have given and given, and yet they need more. Does this sound familiar? Sure it does.

That’s because life happens, and we can’t control every situation and every part of our day. But you can try.  This isn’t just a sign of wobbly margins, this is a sign that you value others more than you value yourself.

Self-value says far more about how you’re doing in the human race than self-esteem. Self-esteem is frequently confused with ego and self-concept-how you respect yourself.

Self-value is a behavioral pattern, more about how you handle yourself than how you think about yourself. To value something is more than regarding it as important (like your customers) to value them is to vest time, energy, sweat, and sacrifice in their care.

Do it right. The higher your self-value the more your customer based will feel their self esteem.  Now here is the slick part. You the business owners with elevated self-value are bound to happen to other individuals.

You can’t fake it. The more you value others the more they will feel comfortable with you.  And if they are comfortable with you… the more they will trust you.  Does that make sense?

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But when marketer undervalues someone else, they undervalue themselves…their sense of well being drops. All of which weaken development and growth…what I’m saying is you don’t have to change but grow every day.

Put differently, as you value someone else, you undergo a state of value… a sense of vitality, meaning, and purpose.  You must have a purpose in life. Making money is not a purpose. Helping people is. (literally, you will live to grow)

It’s hard to notice that you’re in an undervalued state, as undervaluing other folks call for a particular amount of adrenalin, which brings on a temporary feeling of might and certainty-you feel correct. (though you’re more likely self-righteousness)

There is a little voice in your head says…each time I consider him or her I get annoyed. You must reject that notion and move on. That’s why it’s so difficult to put someone down when you feel truly good about yourself.

When self-value is elevated, you more easily view others positions and you may disagree without feeling failing to appreciate.  And that is a blue-print to success.

When your self-value is elevated, you don’t consider what you have to endure and you surely don’t feel the need to list the great things you accomplish.

As an alternative, when you are faced with life or relationship challenges, you grow into it automatically and you make an effort to make sorry conditions more valuable.

Treasuring other individuals makes self-value surge. It likewise carries strong social reward; showing value tends to do magic tricks, give and take, and cooperation from others.

The most certain route is to step-up the amount of value you invest in other individuals.

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Do you feel like you are being rejected? Are you aggravated that more people aren’t buying your products? Do you dream of a six-figure salary working from home?

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a dream, in fact it can and will become a reality provided you know what you’re doing,  have a few hours each night to work on your online business.

Spending the next 5 minutes to read this blog post will save you years of time and error.  Personal magnetism is what you must study.

Personal magnetism is the character that drives people to flock to you and follow you around the planet.  It’s the crucial trait that fuels true influence.

Personal magnetism is most frequently set apart by the care for other people’s excitement for life. They drive each conversation by penetrating what fascinate you.

Some marketers show sincerity and concern that goes deep beyond what most individuals’ support. They really get energized about our concerns.

You are either born with it or you are not born without it. That is plainly not true. A few people might be born with a better beginning than others, but Personal magnetism is a quality may be developed.

People are sick of pitches. They’re sick of cons. They’re seeking the true deal.

watch this and see what I’m talking about

You don’t have to hide behind the far-too-popular saying “well that’s simply the way I am” You can develop Personal magnetism and construct a following around your marketing campaign.

You have to show followers that you care about their need. You have to convince them that they’re your first priority.

After you have aligned yourself with a common purpose that the whole of your body believes in, the truly magnificent happens.

You begin to attract others that share a similar direction. I’m not talking about making money, which is not a purpose. I’m talking about truly helping people.

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