I understand your frustration. Maybe you’ve been involved in running a business online for a few months now and you’ve tried a few things that experts have peddle as being able to earn you some money, but it isn’t happening.

You will notice as you read this article that it does not contain much advice on banner advertising, free traffic blasts, email marketing, or traffic exchanges, some of that is still being publicize as effective in the online business world. Select an image of what you want and place it in your mind.

If what you want is intangible: what I mean is money, success, piece of mind, happiness good health, etc. Find an image of what represents what you want.

The image will trigger an emotion.

The emotion with a bit of luck will be the “gift of fear” you might ask how is fear a gift? It’s a matter of understanding how fear works to your advantage. Fear interferes with your intelligence.

Humans… by no means, realizes anything fully or understands everything. Fear tells you that something is going wrong, but it also points the way forward and that is what you want, right? So, how do we deal with fear?

Move right through it. When fear is present you are easily agitated. In just about everyone who comes into the online business is well educated. The education of people does two things.

One it teaches you respect for authority. That is good, if you plan to spend the balance of your life in a corporate position. That is, to work for a company and stay there until you retire.

You must have respect for authority to survive in that world. Second, the education idea creates Hubris. What this mean is often suggests a loss of contact with reality. In others words trying to climb a mountain alone.

The belief  I can make it up the mountain faster if I choose my own way. Hubris throws away the gift of fear. Not understanding fear will cause you to cling to safety.

Humans aren’t meant to live safe lives. Fear is a gift. Fear makes us stop and listen. Don’t create a little lie for you. I’m as good as they are. You’re not. They understand fear and they know how to lean into it.

You are learning and it takes time. When you learn how to lean into fear the next emotion is curiosity.

Step One:

You must have a big and responsive list. It will do you no good to have a list if you can’t monetize the thing. Otherwise, all that energy that you put into creating a big list will be worthless.

It also means that when people get what they want, they will simply unsubscribe anyway.

I am not referring to just any free gift. It should never be the “PLR” or “Master Resale” rights product either. Let me ‘splain…. that stuff is Sugar-Coated Smurf Sandwiches. Give them an interview with an expert in your niche!

You’ll become an instant authority figure in your niche. — Why? Seriously, people have the mind-set that it would be difficult to interview an expert. They are busy don’t have much time.

When they hear your voice along with the expert they will make the conclusion that you are an expert, as well, in the industry. Now you have the best plan out there. So, come on, lean out…just a little.

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